Monday, 10 July 2017

Gluten Free Raspberry Sauce

If you are looking for a fantastic sauce to top your crepes, pancakes or else your cheesecake or simply to drizzle over some scoops of icecream, please take a look to my today's post. With simple cooking process, this raspberry sauce gets ready very quickly than you can imagine. Either with fresh raspberries or frozen ones, this raspberry sauce calls for simple stove top cooking. With just 4 ingredients, you can dish out your own raspberry sauce with less efforts. I prepared my raspberry sauce with frozen raspberries, obviously if you get fresh raspberries, dont forget to make your own sauce either by spicing them with whole spices, however i didnt spiced mine.

Crepe with Raspberry sauce

Am running this week's blogging marathon with a super interesting theme, my theme for this week is 'Toppings',  Needless to say that i will be posting three delicious toppings during this week. To kick start this week's theme, am here with this simple but yet a delicious sauce. Actually if you want to discard the raspberry seeds in this sauce, you can simply strain the prepared sauce. Or else you can keep them as you desire. I didnt strained mine as we love chunky sauce. Give a try to this sauce and trust me you will definitely love this mildly sour sauce with your favourite dessert.

Raspberry Sauce, Gluten free Raspberry Sauce

1cup Frozen raspberries
1/4cup Sugar
2tbsp Water
1tbsp Lemon juice

Take the frozen raspberries, sugar and water in a medium sauce pan.

Cook in medium flame until the sugar gets dissolves, put the flame in simmer and cook until the sauce turns bit thick.

Finally add the lemon juice and put off the stove.

Let the sauce gets cool completely.

Transfer the sauce to an air tightened bottle and arrange in fridge.

Enjoy with your desserts.

Vegan Raspberry Sauce

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vaishali sabnani said...

I am a great fan of raspberries , but unfortunately we do not get them here.😒 . The sauce has a beautiful colour and texture.

AnnsLittleCorner said...

Luv this beautiful color. It looks so tempting on the crepes...