Thursday, 12 October 2017

Quinoa and French Lentils Salad

I just love French lentils cooked with loads of garlic and thyme, when served along with baguette slices, i can finish my lunch or dinner happily. Actually cooking lentils with garlic and thyme is a classic French dish, a super aromatic protein rich dish as crushed garlic cloves are sauteed with thyme leaves.French lentils works awesome for making some delicious salads as well. And my today's dish is a prefect dish to cook with this nutritious lentils. French lentils are also known as Le Puy Lentils which is easily available in all provisional stores here. Needless to say how nutritious this lentils are, obviously lentils are rich in protein and extremely rich in dietary fiber as well.

Quinoa & Lentils Salad

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Banana Blossom Channadal Kootu/Vazhaipoo Kadalaparuppu Kootu

After tangy tamarind gravy aka Kuzhambu and dal based sambhar, kootu is an another popular dal based dish cooked often in South Indian cuisine. Kootu have their own place in a meal served on a banana leaf on festive days or else for a special occasion. Kootu can be prepared with any sort of vegetables or else with a combination of beans or vegetables. My today's post is an healthy and protein rich Kootu prepared with banana blossom aka vazhaipoo. Banana blossom is an edible flower which is also known as Banana heart, used very much in Southeast Asian and very much in Indian cuisine. Though this banana blossom is known as flower, Indians consider this bitter banana blossom as vegetable.  Indian cooks this banana blossom as stir fries, curries or else in stews.

Banana Blossom Kootu

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Tomato Pesarapappu/Tomato Moongdal Curry

Moongdal is known as Pesara pappu in Telugu, and my today's recipe is a Andhra style tomato curry cooked with yellow moongdal. This tomato pesarapappu is a comforting dal which can be served as side dish along with rice or else simply with Indian style of flatbreads. This dal is a super easy dish to prepare as you just need a pressure cooker and a kadai. How simple na, yes cook the dal with turmeric powder, and temper it along with sauteed onions and tomatoes. Yellow moong dal is definitely a nutritious dal with dietary fiber in it. Extremely protein rich, moongdal is often cooked in my cooking. As this yellow moongdal are easy to cook, you can dish out many delicious dishes out of it quickly with less efforts.

Tomato moongdal, Tomato pesarapappu

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Apple, Oats & Chocolate Chips Pudding

Pudding, this dessert can be prepared with fruits, bread slices or else with grains like rice, oats etc. Pudding can be sweet or savoury, also they can be prepared either by baking, steaming or else by boiling. Depending upon the ingredients went in it, pudding can be served as main course or else for desserts. Today's post is a delicious, simple and fruity pudding baked with apples, chocolate chips and rolled oats. Easy to prepare this pudding can be prepared quickly. Almost like one bowl cakes, you just need a bowl and a whisk to prepare this fantastic pudding.

Apple, Chocolate chips & Oats Pudding